How has yoga helped YOU heal?
"I have psoriatic arthritis in my lower back and used to [need] a series of shots just to be able to walk normally. Now I don't go a day without at least 20 minutes of yoga. The minute I feel the slightest pull in my lower back, the first thing I do is grab my mat. I've gone almost two years without shots."

Lani Shinn Businelle
I have Crohn's Disease, which requires careful management of nutrition and stress. Yoga has helped me control the disease and manage its side effects. Most important, it has taught me patience with my body and with its limitations. I've spent hours lying in a hospital bed practicing meditation and breathing through the exhaustion and tedium.

Jeri Elmore
I am 89 and practice yoga everyday. I have arthritis in my spine, but I can do a full backbend. I am doing more now than I ever have, thanks to yoga!

Phyllis Sues
I had fertility issues and had tried to get pregnant for years without success. I started doing some specific poses every day to open my hips and strengthen my uterus, and I got pregnant six months later! I did yoga throughout my pregnancy and now have a gorgeous and healthy four month-old.

Gabriela Rodriguez
Four years ago, I had constant back pain, and the chiropractor told me I was 50 percent of the way to surgery because of pinched disks. I started doing yoga and grew three-quarters of an inch in height. Yoga saved my life, and I have never looked or felt better.

Bettina Rappaport
I always say that yoga is the best medicine!

Leslie Letavishsnyder