Private one-to-one and Corporate Classes
Private yoga tuition is ideal for you if you have a busy lifestyle and are unable to commit to my regular classes.
I would particularly recommend one-to-one sessions if you have a specific physical issue or injury and if you are recovering from an operation or serious illness. 

However, most of my one-to-one students just prefer a private class because the yoga practice is specifically taylored to their needs, aims and requirements on the day and in the longterm.

If you would like to practice Yoga in the comfort of your own home, or you would like to arrange a class at your place of work, please call or email me to arrange a suitable time.
One- to-One Testimonials
"I have been traveling this yogic path for almost 4 years and perhaps being a slow learner it took almost a full year to make any meaningful progress. Sam,from the start, made it abundantly clear that in yoga there is nothing to achieve outside doing your best. She added that yoga is a light that once lit will never dim. The more you practice, the brighter the flame, and although I found many of the postures difficult in the beginning her lessons were always great fun.

However, after four years of making steady, if slow progress, with Sam encouraging and carefully adjusting me, I know I am much improved and now find that I can self correct myself in certain postures for better alignment. More recently I have been receiving 1-2-1 lessons at home from Sam. These sessions have assisted me in seeing and feeling so much more in terms of depth and I now feel that I move seamlessly and without effort into and out of postures. And, always at the end of the class, I have a wonderful relaxed feeling.

Her passion for yoga is matched with a serenity and modesty that gives her a brilliant and unique teaching style. There is not a single thing that I would change about the way that Sam teaches. She has all the things that one looks for in a teacher. Sam is undoubtedly the finest teacher I have ever had and has truly lifted the shadows from my eyes."

Paul, Epping (1-2-1, Classes in Ongar and Yoga Days)
'Yoga really does help heal you - body and mind!  I meet Sam at a difficult time in my life and found that learning Yoga, strengthening and stretching my body gently, focusing on my breathing and being guided into relaxation (my favourite part!) helped me greatly at a time of huge stress and anxiety.  As well as the mental and emotional benefits, my 'bad back' completely disappeared and the symptoms of menopause eased tremendously.   I live in Devon now but I have continued to do Yoga and attending local classes was a great way to meet people.  Yoga is an integral part of my life these days and I am ever grateful to Sam for introducing me to the practice - Not only was Sam caring and understanding, but she really 'showed me the ropes' and I feel that those 1-2-1 sessions formed a very strong foundation to my Yoga practice.

I had been an avid 'gym bunny'  all my life!  I probably wouldn't have even tried Yoga had I not been pregnant, but something just clicked during our first 1 to 1 session, and I automatically felt more connected to my body, and to my baby.  I  went on to have a lovely pregnancy and a wonderful birthing experience!  The interesting thing is, being introduced to yoga at this time, has changed long term how I exercise.  I still run three times a week and use weights but I respect and listen to my body more.  And I love my new shape!! Longer leaner muscles in my legs and arms which I definitely put down to my weekly Yoga sessions with Sam - I feel at my peak! 

Zoe, Bishop Stortford