Prenatal Classes with Sam Gilmour (BWY dip)
You may already have heard about how beneficial yoga can be for the expectant mother and her baby.

Yoga is the ideal exercise during pregnancy because it.

• can keep the body supple without straining.

• can boost energy.

• can relieve stress and anxiety.

• can promote relaxation and restful sleep.

• can be used to relieve pain in labor and childbirth

• can relieve common minor ailments during pregnancy like swollen joint, heartburn and constipation.

• can help the expectant mother bond with her unborn baby.

The aim of Yoga in pregnancy is to help maintain/improve suppleness and strength in preparation for the safe and healthy delivery of your baby.
During the 2nd and 3rd trimester it is important to use additional support, so please bring along a couple of cushions, a bed pillow, small blanket or a pashmina. I will provide blocks and a chair so that we can support and accommodate your changing shape and capabilities.

So to recap, please be extremely careful. Take responsibility for your own body and don't do anything that feels uncomfortable.

For any further details and the suitable classes please refer to the soft yoga classes or contact me via the contacts page

Finally, I wish you good health and happiness during your pregnancy and the safe birth and a lifetime of joy with your baby.

For further information on Dedicated Pregnancy Class in Ongar and Private 1-2-1 and Small Group Pregnancy Yoga tutuion please call Sam on 01279-863167
Yoga in pregnancy is helpful for lymphatic drainage (fluid retention), cellulite, posture, weight control and hormonal balance. It will help you stay in shape and the breathing practices will be very useful during labor.

Keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy, both physically and mentally, will benefit you greatly after the arrival of your baby.

If you are a newcomer to yoga, it is absolutely crucial that you only do what feels right for you.

Be gentle to body at this special time. You must, at all times, ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable. Please do not exert yourself beyond your limitations.

Although yoga is often recommended during pregnancy,please speak to your Doctor and Midwife before you engage in any yoga practice.

It is also vital that you keep me informed of any medical problems such as an increasein blood pressure, heartburn, excessive water retention, breathlessness, back problems (lower back, upper back, sciatica), pubis symphisis pain (SPD) etc. If you have any show of blood you must stop immediately and seek medical advice.
To reserve your place please contact me by email: or call 07740 464196