Discover the delights of Thai Yoga massage.
Imagine your spine lengthening, your hips opening, your shoulders releasing,all without you doing a thing. This is the bliss of Thai yoga massage, an ancienthealing art that is said to date back to the time of the Buddha. Often referred toas 'lazy man's yoga', the popularity of Thai Yoga Massage has increased world-wide for no other reason than it's effectiveness in treating injuries and conditions, combined with a sense of very deep relaxation and well-being. Unlike traditional western massage Thai Yoga is a combination of the following techniques: Pressure Point Stimulation * Assisted Stretching Positions * Specific Treatment foridentifiable conditions.
Traditional Thai Yoga Massage
Legend has it that the practice began in India more that 2,500 years ago, then migrated to Thailand along with Buddhism, where it was performed in temples and regarded as a spiritual practice. An integral part of the Thai Healthcare system over the centuries, the roots of Thai Yoga massage come from Indian Ayurvedic medicineand Yoga philosophy, but it has also been influenced by indigenous forms of massage and Traditional Chinese medicine too.
The Treatment.
Thai massage has been proved to heal many physical ailments and mental emotional tensions such as Headaches and migraine, shoulder pain, back pain, stress, depression, insomnia, and general fatigue.
Your session
In a 90 minute treatment, the massage begins with the receiver lying on afuton on the floor face up and fully clothed.

The Energy Lines (Sen) of thefeet and legs are worked using both palm and thumb pressure. From there,the hips, stomach, shoulders, arms, back and neck are worked, finishingwith the head and face.
The Treatment.
Unlike traditional western massage Thai Yoga is a unique blend of massage, breath work, acupressure and gentle assisted stretches. Energy line work is the foundation of the treatment and balancing the body's energy systems is the main focus of the practitioner. This is based on the eastern understanding that energy (prana) forms the basis of all life and that this energy travels along invisible pathways within the body. In Yoga these pathways are called Nadis and in Thai Yoga Massage they are referred to as the Sen lines.
The Benefits.
• Improves muscle tone, flexibility and posture

• Stimulates internal organs, aids digestion,          circulation and respiration

• Boost the immune system

• Recipient feels both relaxed and energised
   Traditional Thia Yoga Massage
Re-balancing Massage