What can we hope to gain from the practice of Hatha Yoga?
Hatha yoga offers us a holistic approach to our well being. For most of us it is a total re-education and its language is that of self-awareness, both physically and mentally. Yoga teaches us to listen to our body; to move with it, breathewith it, be attentive to it.

We are often attracted to Yoga at times of stress and/or physical discomfort. Whatever draws you to it, a rounded yoga practice will be a rewarding experience, bring increased strength and suppleness to the body.

Yoga increases our awareness of our breathe and its importance to our general well being.

Yoga teaches us valuable tools to relieve stress, aid relaxation and quieten the mind.

Yoga improves our understanding of the mechanics of the skeletal and muscular systems of the body. This knowledge enables us to recognise where move mentsare restricted.
Yoga helps restore suppleness, strength and improve our range of motion. By lengthening and strengthening inner and outer muscles we will improve our posture and muscle tone. Toned internal muscles act like a corset holding ourorgans firmly in their rightful place. This helps our organs function at optimum level.

Yoga postures (asana) are designed to stimulate the internal organs and encourage them to work more efficiently.

Yoga postures (asana) aid metabolic, lymphatic and circulatory activity helping to improve conditions including constipation, water retention and digestive disorders.

Yoga helps balance the hormonal system. The effects can be felt both physically and emotionally.
Getting Started
The most important part of any exercise routine is regularity. Make your Yoga part of your daily/weekly routine. Not just this month but as an on-going commitment.

Recognise your personal limitation and work within them. Take it slowly – Don't do anything that feels painful.

Remember that your lifestyle; what work you do, how much exercise you take, will affect your suppleness andstrength. Be patient. Don't 'force' your body. 'Force' creates resistance. Listen to your body and gently coax it to unfurl.