What habit has yoga helped you overcome?
"Establishing a regular morning yoga practice has helped me kick the habit of checking email and news headlines to start the day."

Kelly Simmons
I just started practicing yoga last week! In one week's time,I haven't gone for my daily Starbucks run, and I've decreased my need for sleep aids at bedtime. It's been wonderful!

Chantele Cheeseboro
"Work stress! I've only been in yoga for about four months, and the benefits are great."

Richard Fohrenbach
"Yoga has helped me become more aware of What I eat and when I eat. The practice has created a deeper respect for my body and how to be kind to it. I stopped using sugar three years ago. I also have fewer cravings for snacks after dinner. Everything in moderation is the key to wellbeing!"

Meryl Dobbs Rudolph

Heather Lanham
"Yoga has helped me to cut back on that daily glass of wine! "

Jullssa Concepcion
"Too many to list ... Twelve years. practicing yoga and counting!"

Phenecla Allen
"Taking medication for chronic pain."

Monica Jea
"Worrying about thing beyond my control and surrendering to a higher power!"

Debra Mericantante Anzalone
"Overreacting to almost all scenarios."

Elise Anita Whitney