What poses have changed your practice and your life?
"Warrior II makes me feel powerful, confident. and serene. Many times it has brought up tears of some blend of relief and gratitude."

"The first time I touched my toes with, out bending my knees was awesome! I learned what patience and working with your body's limitations can do. Now I can interlace my fingers across the bottom of my feet. Next goal? Wheel Pose. I hope to make it by the time I'm 60, in eight years."

I thought I'd never be able to do Wheel because I don't have a lot of upper body strength. Then a teacher showed me that it's not about just the arms but about the whole body. Doing Wheel feels so good when I'm stressed out.

"I have really been enjoying Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose); it strengthens the entire body!"

"Cow Face Pose is the most humbling thing I've ever tried. Crow makes me feel strong. Tree Pose centers me."

"Plow Pose eases my back pain and gives me confidence. I start the day with it nearly every day."

"I love Camel Pose, and then there are always Upward-Facing Dog and Bridge ... gets rid of the stress and worry of a typical day!"

"Once I learned to really let go in Downward-Facing Dog it became one of my favorites-so relaxing!"