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Yoga eye pillows

Eye Pillows .... Here is why they can enhance your practice.

Eye pillows are simply the perfect companion for the beautiful quiet practice of restorative yoga.   They help you pause and disconnect from the excessive stimulation and demands of the outside world.

The simple fact is anything your skin feels and perceives gives your body a whole different neurological experience.  By gently drawing the skin of your forehead (frontalis muscle which lifts your eye brows) down when placing your eye pillow will be incredibly soothing to your nervous system. The gentle pressure on the eye balls encourage the body’s pulse and heart rate to lower as it stimulates the vagus nerve.  This important nerve in your body triggers relaxation via the Autonomic Nervous System, the ‘Rest and Digest’ (parasympathetic) rather than the ‘Fight and Flight’ (sympathetic) response. 

Price : £ 8.00